Scholastic Book Club

As a way of raising funds for the school library and for our classrooms, the Parent Council have set up an account with Scholastic Book Clubs.

Scholastic Book Clubs are an easy way for you and your child to choose and buy suitable books to read at home. The leaflets feature a wide range of books to suit everyone. You will also see that most books are half-price or less!

And with every order placed, the school earns free books. For every £1 you spend, 20p goes back to our school to spend on much-needed books for our library. Last year, the school raised over £400 in free books!

Several times a year, a Scholastic Book Clubs leaflet will be sent home in your child’s homework folder. We hope that you and your child will enjoy browsing through the leaflet – it is a great way to encourage your child to widen their reading experience.

If you would like to order books from the leaflet, the preferred, most easy and secure way is to order online at

If placing your order online is not possible, you can:

  1.  fill in the order form at the back of the catalogue
  2. put the order in an envelope with the correct money, cash or cheque* only (NO credit or debit card numbers please!)
  3. seal the envelope and write ‘Scholastic Order’ along with your child’s name and class
  4. return the envelope to the school in your child’s folder, or to the office

* If paying by cheque, please make payable to Scholastic Book Club

PLEASE NOTE: home delivery or credit card orders MUST be made online, by phone, or mailed in directly to Scholastic by the parent/guardian.

All order must be received online or in school by the date stated on the back of the leaflet.

The books that you order will arrive at the school, to be distributed in class.

To find out more, or to order from a wider selection of Scholastic Book Clubs catalogues, please go to

Happy reading!

Parent Noticeboard