Thank you to everyone who helped with the Spring Clean

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Spring Clean!

After some confusing messages from the City Council, we eventually managed to get our annual Spring Clean off the ground on Sunday 31 May 2015. As usual we had a pretty good turnout of parents, pupils and teachers who turned up in their best casual gear to turn their green fingered hands to a spot of gardening, painting, washing and cleaning. There are now chalk boards in the P2/3 playground, more ┬ápainted wooden fences, multi-coloured toadstools (don’t try eating them!), a heavily scrubbed and somewhat cleaner bike shed and a much more aesthetically pleasing floral feast in the glass entrance than the usual jumble of unclaimed school bags, coats and clothes of various – and sometimes rather surprising – types.

Thank you to all of the parents, staff and children who were able to attend and help out, and to Janny John for being available and to Ms Helen Brown and Mr Garry Byrne for the sandwiches and cakes to keep us fuelled.


Special thanks: A particular thank you is due to Helen Gibson, who has been working committedly and tirelessly on the various floral and other gardening aspects around the school, even going so far as to gathering, sorting, washing, distributing or selling long discarded items in the lost property in order to tidy up the glass entrance to the school, as well as ensuring that this space formerly known as the jumble has been somewhat beautified with a range of flowers and tomato and strawberry plants. A big thank you!

Also, the Afty’s very own and inestimable Paddy Morrison deserves very special praise and thanks for giving up a big chunk of his Sunday off to open up the Afty to use a base for signing in, refreshments, rest and – as the Americans would say – restrooms, etc. Thank you Paddy, that was above and beyond the call of duty!