Your Parent Council

At the AGM on 10 September the following Parent Council Representation was agreed.

  • P1 Parent Representative – Daria Jarrett
  • P2 Parent Representative – Alan Bonnyman (
  • P3 Parent Representative & Chair – John Lewis (
  • P4 Parent Representative – Lisa Logan
  • P5 Parent Representative & Newsletter Editor – Lorne Bourhill
  • P6 Parent Representative & Secretary – Alison Mussett
  • P7 Parent Representative – Pat Lawlor
  • Treasurer – Linda McCormick
  • Additional Member – Gillian Ulanovsky
  • Teacher Representative – Mr Garry Byrne
  • Co-opted Member – Fiona Ansdell, Hyndland After School Club

The Parent Council is also attended by the Head Teacher, Mrs Helen Brown and the Depute Head Teacher, Mrs Catherine McQuarrie.

For contacting the Parent Council by email, either contact the email addresses above, or the following email, which will be redirected as appropriate: