Traffic problems around the school – please be a careful & considerate driver

As most parents will be well aware, traffic problems continue to occur around the school, with cars coming in both directions on Fortrose Street; gridlock; pavement mounting going forwards and backwards, and not always looking out for pedestrians – including small children – when they do; parking on the yellow zig zag no parking zone directly outside the school; double parking – sometimes while temporarily abandoning their car; letting children out of vehicles into the path of oncoming traffic; high tension and frustration among some drivers, occasionally resulting in aggressive behaviour; etc.

All of the aforementioned behaviour is inappropriate and very dangerous and could lead to anything from minor accidents, serious accidents or even fatalities. There are many, many pedestrians around the school at this time, so cool and sensible heads are imperative in order to ensure road safety, however frustrating being caught up in such traffic may be.

Glasgow City Council’s (GCC) Road Safety department have been contacted several times regarding the traffic problems around the school, as have the Community Police. The Parent Council also carried out a large consultation with parents and carers before the summer, the results of which show that there is serious concern about this ongoing problem.

GCC Road Safety have recently contacted the Parent Council to confirm that it has instituted a plan – almost mirroring the Parent Council’s proposal – to change Fortrose Street heading south from Peel Street to Burgh Hall Street into a one way system with speed bumps as traffic calming measures. We haven’t yet seen the details, but we have been notified that this should go to full consultation in January and we would urge you to respond to the consultation in support.

As yet we are unsure if the proposals will seek to address the issue of traffic problems at the rear of the school on Gardner Street and White Street.

We will contact you again once the proposals have been published for consultation.

Thank you for being a responsible driver!