‘The first rule of Music Club is that everybody talks about Music Club!’

Naheed, Andrew and the rest of the Music Club staff continue to do a fantastic job supporting pupils at the school to engage with a range of musical instruments, from the penny whistle to the fiddle, the double bass to the djembes, the guitar to the human voice. As well as providing opportunities for the children in the after school Music Club and Minis, Naheed and her team support the School Ensemble of older kids, as well as provide music sessions to the whole of P1.

Some important information about the Music Club from the Music Club:

  • the aim of the Club is to teach musical skills through singing and instrumental teaching and children, once learning an instrument, are expected to practice regularly
  • the Club is running at capacity
  • the Club tries to accommodate as many children as possible without affecting the quality of teaching
  • there is no P1 after school club (it is only open to P2-P7s)
  • the Parent Council and school are co-funding the P1 workshops in the Spring term of 2017
  • there is NO waiting list for P1s – a letter goes out in March and spaces are allocated on a first come basis

Many thanks for allĀ your support. It makes the Club grow in strength and gives me the necessary back-up to make decisions and expand where possible.

Naheed Cruikshank
Music Club