Spring Clean

Sunday 18th May

10am – 4pm

It’s that time of year again. Our fabulous garden organisers have a list of tasks they need help with and the playground has some new and exciting projects which need willing volunteers. We have a wonderful group of regulars who come alongĀ en famille every year to join in the effort on the day. If you could help and fancy being one of them this year, please sign up by letting Jane know.

It’s always helpful if volunteers can bring along their own gardening gloves (though we’ll have some to lend) and if you have a drill kit, tool kit, gardening spaces, secateurs or a broom… they will all come in handy. We’ll be hanging planters, trimming hedges, building sheds and lots more.

Lunch and tea and coffee breaks will be in the Afty. Many thanks to Fiona Ansdell for organising someone to open up and let us use the facilities.

Children are welcome to attend (it’s fab to join your family and pals in sprucing up your school), but remain the responsibility of the accompanying adult at all times.