Spring Clean 2013

Many thanks to Lesley-Anne, Lewis and Chloe Anderson, Pat and Grace Lawlor, Catherine Winchester, John Lewis, Stevie Gallagher, Russell, Rachel and Kitty McNeill, Melanie Van de Velde and Conor McLaughlan, Harry Grove, Louise Love and Douglas, Angus and Andrew Bain, Doug and Dylan Pritchard, Jon and Matilda Barr, Li Yang and Tom Gan, Rhona and Grant MacDonald, Ava McKechan, Kazim Khan, Caroline, Bella, Madeleine, Charlotte and Alexander Walker, Helen and Evan Gibson, Helen and Noah Jordan and Chris Watters, Kirsty and Erin Jordan, Alison Mussett, Lynn, Harry and Charlie Crawford, Helen Newstead and Lucia Overell, Fyzah and Sawera Wahab and Calum Shaw, Margaret and Beth Cuthbert, Lesley Inglis, Phil and Johnny Taylor, Les and Amy Wood, Liane (and anyone else I may have forgotten!) for all their hard work today. They were keenly assisted by Mrs Kerr, Ms Burring, Miss Liveston, Mrs MacQuarrie and Ms Laville. Special thanks also go to Amanda Storey for her tireless efforts in the garden and for the furthering of outdoor learning.

The weather was on our side and, amongst other tasks, “fedges” and a willow den were created, wild flower meadows were prepared, turf was shifted, a wall and railings were painted, benches were built, plants were planted, the greenhouse was mended, musical instruments were placed, a noticeboard was resurrected, ivy was chopped, pasta sauce plant pouches were posed, a boat sailed off into the distance and an extremely awkward cupboard was constructed at last!

Many thanks to Ross for opening the Afty to offer refreshments to weary workers.

Here are some photos of the day:

If you feel inspired to help out with further improvements to the playground and garden, look out for more outdoor learning developments or contact Mrs Kerr in school or Amanda Storey (njstorey@globalnet.co.uk) to find out how you can get involved.