School Farmer’s Market @ School Open Day

At the School Open Day on Wednesday 17 September, in collaboration with the Parent Council, the school will also be hosting a mini ‘Farmer’s Market’ in the school dinner hall, where the children will be selling locally grown fruit, vegetables and flowers from local allotments, as well as cakes and other home baked goods.

The money raised will contribute towards school resources that will help improve the learning experience for children at the school.

Attached you will see a flyer for the event, asking if you or your relatives and friends who have an allotment or have the dab hand of Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood with a mixer would like to contribute any garden produce, or to make any cakes, etc., for the event.

If so, please could you let the school or Parent Council know and make sure any donations are left in the school Back Office by no later than 10am on Wednesday 17 September?

We hope that you will be able to help either by making donations or coming along to buy something from pupil-manned stalls when you come to school to see your children’s classroom and work.