School Building Project 4Rs

We had all hoped that the delayed building work commencement from January this year would begin at least at the start of the summer break. However, while work is currently underway on repairing the roof on the extension to fix the multitude of leaks, other work is planned to start in the main building, but it does not look like the most substantive work will start in earnest until after the break. It is likely that at the very least the sample replacement windows will be installed and inspected and approved by Historic Scotland over the break, so that work can begin on the production of the rest of them. Other work will begin over the summer on making the school wind and water tight, such as roof and atrium repairs and stonework. The full school refurbishment – which will involve internal decanting into usable space within the school is mooted to begin from September and should be completed by summer 2016. As soon as the school and the Parent Council have more information to report we will let you know.