Playground improvements

You will have seen the great work achieved during the Spring Clean, the excitement brought about by the climbing wall, the willow structure and the gong(!) and the subsequent addition of the fantastic mural.

We’re now looking for volunteers who might be able to offer some time to complete a few more playground projects to enhance outdoor learning as more things for the garden are arriving. It would be great to get these up before the summer holidays.

These include: a willow gazebo to go up, a wall mounted chalkboard to go up, the last music stand and the benches to be sited. Also we didn’t get all the turf cleared and Amanda is keen to get the wildflower meadow sown.

We could do this at the end of a school day if that suited rather than on a Sunday, as many of you will be very busy. Please let us know if you can help (by emailing Jane or speaking to Fiona Kerr) and whether an after-school or Sunday slot would suit you best.