‘Pennies for the Playground’ Project

A huge thanks to the 15 or so parents and children who attended the summer working bee with great success; bringing tools, enthusiasm, ideas and food to keep us all going. A great achievement in one day and a testament to how working together can achieve great things and as one of the parents said on the day:

“It is a great lesson to teach the children, about working together and seeing the difference it can make.”

From the raising of the funds through the ‘Pennies for Playgrounds’ to the getting the job done on the day it was very successful.

One of the two leads on this great project, Sarah Frood, Director of Icecream Architecture and HPS parent, said that she would be happy to work with other parents if they want to do a similar thing in other playgrounds. Sarah can be contacted at: sarah@icecreamarchitecture.com

Thanks again to everyone who helped out on the day – a note wasn’t made of everyone’s names, sorry – you know who you are! A very special thanks goes to Sarah and Kate for organising this, and particularly to Kate who continued co-leading the project even though she had in effect moved on from the school.

This project shows the innovative ways in, and the extent to, which parents are prepared to help improve the learning and social experiences for the children (and parents) at the school.