Parent Council Fundraising – and what we spend it on

This year the Parent Council has been – as always – finding ways to actively raise funds in order to support the school, by purchasing a range of resources to help enrich the children’s learning experiences. Over the 2015-16 school year you have helped us raise at least £1761.27. This is slightly less than last year, but we only ran one Quiz Night this year, which will of course be rectified for next year.

The funds have been used – or have been earmarked to be used – on a range of resources, such as books at Christmas, visits to the Emirates Stadium and Scotstoun sporting facilities, garden equipment/supplies, P7 leavers’ gifts (calculators) and their leavers’ disco, buddy caps and blue folders.

Additionally, parents throughout the school have contributed to raising funds through a variety of activities, such as taking part or sponsoring Mums on the Run, baking, cooking, making, creating, donating to or buying from the school Christmas Fayre, Quiz Nights and Ceilidh Nights (door receipts and raffle tickets), sourcing resources at a discount, linking your online shopping activity to Easyfundraising, buying books through the school book fairs, buying calendars, etc.

The events and activities which help to raise these funds are fun, provide opportunities for parents and carers to socialise with each other and school staff (with or without your kids), and only work because they rely on the kind and generous support of many parents and carers, school staff and, of course, the children.

Thank you!