Mums on the Run

Main event: Wednesday 6th November

First training session: Wednesday 9th October (after drop-off)

P3 Mum, Louise Love, explains how this fundraising initiative is going to work:

  • on Wednesday November 6 after drop we’re going to run a 5K to raise money for the school;
  • our aim as a group is to get a combined average time of 30 mins or less;
  • each runner should aim to raise £30 sponsorship and each runner will contact a local business or organisation to see if they will sponsor us £30 if we meet our target;
  • we contact bigger organisations to see if they would match the funds we raise

We’re going to have our first run as a group on Wednesday 9th after drop-off. Would you like to join us? Spread the word if you know any others who would like to come along. Some of the mums will probably run a bit and walk a bit; my intention is to take the group for a run along to Kelvingrove Park and back to school.

If you fancy joining Louise and the other runners (even if you missed the first training session!), then you can contact her to find out more and obtain a sponsorship form at The more the merrier, and DADS are welcome too!