Janny Joe’s ‘Notice to Quit’ from his tied housing – update

Further to our communication last week, I wanted to give you an update on developments.
On Friday we received confirmation in writing from Glasgow City Council (GCC) that Joe and his wife, Susan, will not have to leave the flat by the Notice to Quit date of 13 December, and will be allowed to remain there until they have found suitable alternative housing.  This also confirmed that both GCC and Cordia will support Joe and Susan until they find such accommodation.
Further, GCC has also agreed to explore ways in which the property may be used productively by the school after Joe and Susan have moved, instead of being left empty.
This is great news on both fronts, but especially for Joe and Susan.
Thank you to all those who have provided support to Janny Joe over this challenging time for him and his wife.
Best wishes,
John Lewis
Chair, Hyndland Primary School Parent Council