Hyndland Primary Family Ceilidh needs your help!

Hyndland Primary Family Ceilidh is our most popular school social event.

However, this autumn, the only date Partick Burgh hall is free is Fri 27 Nov and none of the people who usually volunteer to run the event are able to attend that night.

The Family Ceilidh is a unique opportunity to bring together Hyndland Primary parents and children – it’s a chance for parents and carers to get to know each other and for the children to enjoy dancing and socialising with friends.

We need your help.

Quite simply the Family Ceilidh will not take place unless someone is prepared to run it and we have new volunteers to make it happen.

The good news is that it’s quite easy. This is what’s involved.

  • Someone needs to sit at the door and sell tickets
  • Someone needs to sell raffle tickets or staff the raffle ticket stall. If you are selling tickets round the hall, someone needs to call the raffle prizes
  • A few people will need to set up the buffet, keep the queue moving and clear afterwards
  • Someone needs to be in charge, to make sure that everything happens

As you can see it takes a small group of people doing a little bit each.

We believe that the social events run by the Parent Council are an essential part of you and your child’s time at primary school.

There are very few people currently involved in fundraising and social events at the school, and we really need new volunteers.

If you are able to help in any way please email Alison Mussett who would be happy to meet up and talk everything through.

Thank you.