Fundraising Ideas

We’re taking a fresh look at the way we raise funds to help the school and are looking for more volunteers to join us. In the past we’ve met in the evening and whilst that has worked for the ceilidh and quiz planners we’re now looking for more folk to get involved (particularly those with younger children in the school as those of us with P7 children won’t be around for ever!).

We’d like to find out when would suit you and what kinds of things you’d like to help with. Maybe after drop-off or an hour before pick-up would suit you or perhaps if you work during the day you’d be quite happy with a once a month evening trip to the pub…

If you have a great idea you’d like to share with us, if you and a bunch of friends are up for a project, or even if you’d be happy to be given a wee task from time to time, let us know.

It’s your school. Come and be part of it. Contact Jane.