Farewell from Jane

Thank you all very much for the lovely flowers and gifts I received this week both from school and from the P7 families. P7 are finally off (including my boy) and my job is done…

Taking over on the parent council will be: John Lewis (Chair) and Lorne Bourhill (Newsletter editor). All the other reps and office bearers are still on the team and will continue to work with you and for you. You are all welcome to attend meetings and dates can be found on the Parent Council website. Look out for details of the AGM.

Hyndland Primary will always be a special place for me and I hope that many of you will also find enjoyable ways to be involved, supporting your child and the community. There’s nothing like it!

You’ll still spot me around for after-school Active French and I hope to keep in touch. I think it’s clear there’ll be a need for Secondary school Quiz Nights! Au revoir.