Continuing Traffic & Parking Issues

Despite messages from both the school and the Parent Council, there continues to be dangerous parking and driving behaviour around the school, especially on Fortrose Street.

While parking on the yellow zigzags is both selfish and dangerous driving behaviour, double parking parallel to the zigzags is no less dangerous, as it forces cars to undertake over the zigzags and potentially puts parents/carers, staff and children in even more danger.

Additionally, in some cases children are letting themselves out of vehicles directly into the road rather than onto the pavement where they are safe or can then cross safely.

Some drivers are also abandoning their double-parked cars to take their children into the school playground, which exacerbates the problem.

Parking/stopping should be aligned directly with the kerb and children should be let out or let themselves out Рif appropriate Рdirectly onto the pavement, not the road!

For those who have to drive their children to school, please find a safe place to stop and park, even if it requires you to park further back/down Fortrose Street, on Peel Street, Burgh Hall Street, or indeed in Morrisons car park.

There also continues to be the odd example of drivers somehow missing the very large white no entry markings on the road and no entry signposts, and driving obliviously (and illegally) into the path of oncoming traffic. This problem occurs not just on Fortrose Street, but also on the White Street and Gardner Street approaches to the school.

All of this can easily be avoided. It is not rocket science!

Also, no parent/carer should expect to face intimidation or abuse for simply pointing out to inconsiderate drivers that their parking/driving behaviour is selfish and that they are putting the health and safety of others-  especially young children Рat risk.

Any inappropriate / selfish / unlawful driving/parking behaviour should be reported to Partick Community Police and the school’s Senior Leadership Team.¬†When reporting to the police, please quote the following Police Incident Number: PS-20170816-2219.

Thank you