Another year’s end is drawing near…

It has been another great year of learning and teaching and productive activity and development for the children at Hyndland Primary School. They have experienced an engaging curriculum in line with the aims, principles and the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence – to be successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

Our pupil sports teams have been excelling (again!) in their respective sports. Our musicians and budding musicians have been infusing the school with pride in their performances with instrumentation and hymns and arias. All of our children throughout the school have been acting, singing, running, scoring, playing, helping, supporting and learning their way through a busy, enjoyable and fruitful year.

……and so we must say adieu……

We began the year with one new Depute Head Teacher (DHT) and finish the year with that same DHT taking the opportunity to enjoy life beyond the school full-time. Thank you Mrs MacQuarrie for a hard-working, wonderful 27 years of dedicated service to the pupils, staff and parents of Hyndland Primary School. You will be gone, but not forgotten!

And nor will the current P7 pupils, who will be passing through the school gates one last time on Wednesday. We will be sad to see them depart, but depart they must for pastures new; well, secondary school anyway! We wish them well and every success in the rest of their schooling and in life beyond.

The Parent Council, too, will see the imminent departure of some stalwarts of involvement either on the Parent Council or significantly supporting its activities. So, a massive thank you and good luck to Pat Lawlor, Gillian Ulanovsky (“Mrs Ulanovsky does make exceedingly good cakes!”), Grant MacDonald and Carolyn Kidd.

……and bonjour……

Alas, while one chapter sadly ends, a new one begins. And so we congratulate Mr Byrne in his appointment as one of the  new Depute Head Teachers from August. While pupils across the school will no longer have the enjoyable (yet educationally demanding!) experience of My Byrne as a regular classroom teacher, we can all be delighted by the application and extension of his insight, hard-work and enthusiasm throughout the school in his new senior management role.

We also look forward to Mrs Linda Reed joining the school as the other Depute Head Teacher in August, bringing the school back up to its full complement. A new full-time Principal Teacher will also be in place by then (the interviews had not taken place at the time of writing) and we on the Parent Council – and we are sure, the wider Parent Forum – look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with the senior management team and indeed all of the staff at the school.

We also look forward to the arrival of the new P1s, who the current crop will make way for by pushing the existing P2s up into P3 and so on and so forth.