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HPSPC Fundraising Plans 2017/2018

Posted on | September 2, 2017

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped out with fundraising in any way over the last year, we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help: buying tickets, donating raffle prizes, giving your time to organise and help at events has been hugely beneficial to the learning experience of all our children. The parent council funds raised paid for:

  • P1 music lessons
  • School Garden supplies
  • Christmas books
  • Buddy hats
  • P7 leaving party and gifts
  • Office and janitorial staff Xmas gifts

This year, on top of these costs, the parent council would like to focus our fundraising efforts on developing and improving the outdoor learning experience at the school, which, along with the school’s senior management team, we have decided should be a priority now that the school building renovations are finally complete!

The parent council have booked in our main fundraising events early so that we can all plan them in and raise even more than ever for your school:

SEPTEMBER: Fri 29/9/17

Mums on the Run (MOTR) are holding a Parent Council Quiz for all parents and staff at Hyndland. These nights are always great fun and a chance to meet up with friends old and new!
This is a child-free event.
VENUE: Partick Bowling Club, Fortrose St.

NOVEMBER: Fri 3/11/17

The Parent Council are holding a “Hyndland Halloween Happening” family disco, with lots of Spooktacular fun for parents and kids of all ages.
VENUE: Partick Burgh Hall.

JANUARY: Fri 26/1/18

Family Ceilidh. A chance to get together with other parents and kids and dance a reel or 2 with a live Ceilidh band! Lots of raffle and tombola prizes, food and BYOB.
VENUE: Hyndland Community Hall, Novar Drive.

MARCH: Fri 2/3/18

Quiz night – make or join a team to win prizes and meet other parents on a wee child-free night out!
VENUE: West of Scotland Cricket Club.

SPRING FLING: (date tbc)

An after-school event run by parent council, for the whole family. Enjoy some food, drinks and take part in Spring-themed activities on school grounds.
VENUE: Hyndland Primary School.

JUNE: Fri 1/6/18

End of term event (theme tbc)
VENUE: Partick Burgh Hall.

To ensure we make these events profitable and fun for all, we need your help: A fundraising task force will be meeting once a term to come up with ideas and share organisational tasks. We would love to see you there to help in any way you can! Be it offering your time, skills, or donating from your business to raffles etc.

First meet-up will be at West of Scotland Cricket Club on Peel Street on Tues 19th Sept at 7pm. If you can attend this please contact me on 07792226959 or nadiamiller085@gmail.com. Don’t worry if this doesn’t suit, give me a shout if you have an idea and can’t make it along and we can raise it at the meeting.

Many thanks in advance, Nadia Miller (Lyra & Alva’s mum)

Support your Local Parent Council!

Posted on | August 23, 2017

If you are interested in hearing about the activities of the Parent Council, come along to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday 13 September 7.00-9.00pm in the School Dining Room. At the AGM you can hear reports about what happened last year, including ongoing playground improvements, garden, social events and music club as well as hear from the Head Teacher, Ms Brown, about school curriculum and activity developments, as well as the ongoing building works. If you are interested in getting involved there will be elections for new council members at the AGM. Everyone is welcome!

You are also welcome – and indeed urged – to attend any of the other Parent Council’s monthly meetings. The Parent Council is an important voice in the school community. It provides a forum for discussing developments in the school and ensuring that the perspective of the parents whose children attend the school is considered.

Much of the work undertaken in and by the Parent Council has funded a variety of things, including school folders, school buddy hats, PE/sports equipment, playground equipment, gardening activities, SMART boards, books, the outdoor classroom and other resources.

Additionally, each school year has a Parent Representative who you can contact if you have any ideas, questions, issues or concerns, and after the different years’ representatives and Chair are confirmed at the Annual General Meeting at the school on 13 September, we will let you know the contact names in the Newsletter soon afterwards, as well as here on the Parent Council website.

In the meantime, there are continuing Parent Representatives who will be available for you to speak with. If you are unsure who your Parent Representative is and wish to discuss anything, please contact the Chair, John Lewis, at john.lewis-hpc@hotmail.co.uk.

We will be looking for new Parent Reps this year, but would encourage you to become involved, as the Parent Council provides a great opportunity for you to keep abreast of what’s going on at the school.

Apart from the AGM, which is held in the school dinner hall, meetings of the Parent Council are held in the staff room and the dates this term are:

  • Wednesday 13 September, 7.00-9.00pm (Annual General Meeting)
  • Wednesday 11 October, 7.00-8.30pm
  • Wednesday 22 November, 7.00-8.30pm

Dates for the rest of the school year:

  • Wednesday 17 January 2018, 7.00-8.30pm
  • Wednesday 21 February, 7.00-8.30pm
  • Wednesday 21 March, 7.00-8.30pm
  • Wednesday 25 April, 7.00-8.30pm
  • Wednesday 30 May, 7.00-8.30pm

There is no meeting in December or June.

Go to the main door and press the buzzer for the Janny for entry.

Welcome from the Chair of HPSPC

Posted on | August 23, 2017

Welcome back to the start of a new school year, and for those of you who are new to the school, welcome to Hyndland Primary School.

After yet another typical Glasgow summer of fluctuating weather, another year of great learning and development for our children has just got underway.

Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Susan Taylor, Helen Rolph and all of the parent and pupil helpers for the gardening and playground improvement work over the summer. Well done!

We have finally got the first part of the implementation of the new traffic management and parking system in place in both the Fortrose Street and White Street/Gardner Street approaches to the school, which is certainly appearing to ease many of the traffic problems on Fortrose Street at least. There are some continuing issues, however, so please see the brief article below on the issue.

Mr Stephen Frame, the new Depute Head is now getting his feet under the table at the school, so a warm welcome again to him. Mr Frame will have responsibilities for the infants, while Mr Byrne will retain responsibility for the upper school. Also, congratulations to Mrs Julie Wynn on continuing her role as Acting Principal Teacher this year.

The first Parent Council social event is in the diary and that is for the Parent Council Pub Quiz, which is booked at Partick Bowling Club on Friday 29 September 2017 (adults only); more details to follow shortly.

Finally, for parents who have been with the school for some time, as well as those of you who are new, the work of the Parent Council, along with that of all of the parents who contribute to its activities, is a collective effort and we all have a vested interest in the fortunes of the school and in the positive experience of our children and the staff during our time at and with the school. So, we on the Parent Council look forward to working with the school and, most importantly, all of you as parents to ensure that Hyndland Primary School continues to provide a happy, healthy, enjoyable and appropriately challenging educational experience for all of our young people.

Involvement with the Parent Council, either as a Rep or attending meetings and other activities as a parent really is a great chance to find out what’s going on in the school. So, please do become involved and, should you wish to discuss any issues please either get in touch with the Parent Rep for your child or children’s school year (or, indeed, any of the Parent Reps), or contact me at john.lewis-hpc@hotmail.co.uk.

The first meeting of the year for the Parent Council is the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 13 September (7pm-9pm). We hope to see as many of you as possible there and also in subsequent meetings.

On behalf of the Parent Council I wish all of the children and staff at our school a successful and fun year, and hope that we will all enjoy the experience along with our children.

Best wishes,

John Lewis
Chair, Hyndland Primary School Parent Council

School Garden

Posted on | August 23, 2017

At Hyndland Primary we are keen to promote outdoor learning. The school garden and parts of the playgrounds are currently maintained by green fingered parents Susan Taylor and Helen Rolph, but they need your help. Would you be able to volunteer some of your time? They are always looking for volunteers to help out not just in the school garden, but with the plants dotted around the playgrounds too. You could water the gardens and pots, help with planting, digging and preparing plants and seeds for classes.

Susan and Helen will be looking for parent volunteers to help them with the gardening projects, so whether or not you are good with a trowel or can tell the difference between a plant and a weed, all-comers are welcome. If you are interested, please contact Susan Taylor on 07882 942945 or Helen Rolph at hjrolph@gmail.com.

Social & Fundraising Activity

Posted on | August 23, 2017

We are constantly in need of more parents to volunteer their help with the planning and running of Parent Council fundraising events. Much of this work goes into organising and running the ceilidhs, parent quiz nights and other fundraising events that raise the money which benefits the education of all of our children.

We really do need more volunteers!

If you think you could offer any help or ideas with social activities which will help raise funds for the school, please come along to the AGM or any Parent Council meeting, or contact Alan Bonnyman (Treasurer) at abonnyman23@hotmail.com or John Lewis at john.lewis-hpc@hotmail.co.uk.

Events to look forward to this term include a Ceilidh for children, parents and family, and staff, as well as a Quiz Night for parents, family and staff (no children!), but we will be keen to hear about any other social fundraising activities that you might have.

All funds raised get ploughed into school resources to enrich the learning and recreational experience for our children.

Traffic & Parking Changes & Issues around the School

Posted on | August 23, 2017

As many parents and carers will know, the traffic and parking situation around the school has been both outrageous and dangerous for years. Thankfully, as the result of a lot of pressure from the Parent Council and parents/carers at the school, Glasgow City Council (GCC) agreed to put in traffic calming measures during their ongoing introduction of traffic management and parking controls across the West End. While the parking controls are not yet live (they are due to come into effect in the next few weeks), the traffic control measures are, so it is a wee bit disappointing to see that there have been a few examples of parents/carers ignoring or being oblivious to (equally worrying!) the no entry signs and large white road  markings where Fortrose Street meets Burgh Hall Street.

Also, some of the residents in the four buildings on Fortrose Street between Peel Street and the school have decided that, “no! Traffic regulations do not apply to me!” and proceeded to turn right into oncoming traffic on a one way street. Watch out for this, as vehicles and pedestrians not expecting traffic coming in the wrong direction are putting others and themselves at risk.

Part of the initial consultation stated that GCC were to also install speedbumps in order to ensure that Fortrose Street wasn’t used as a racetrack. However, these have not been installed and I have chased this up with them to ascertain why not.

Further, and unfortunately something that also happened too many times over the past few years, some parents/carers still believe that the yellow zigzags are their personal parking or dropping off zone. They are not! Parking on the yellow zigzags is illegal, dangerous and selfish. For those inclined to do so, please think about others and observe the parking controls and, absolutely in no circumstances whatsoever, DO NOT THREATEN OR INTIMIDATE parents/carers who point this out to you, such as one driver (and parent/carer) did to a parent last week.

While there is a definite and welcome improvement on the last several years, I have brought the above residual issues to the attention of the Community Police and to GCC’s Traffic Management and Parking team and have asked that they have visibility over the next few weeks and particularly when the parking controls come into force, so that they can speak with any drivers in breach of the traffic and/or parking regulations.

However, if anyone does observe any traffic or parking violations, and especially if they find themselves subject to intimidation or abuse, then they should safely take down the details of the vehicle and immediately report this to the police. It should also be reported to the school so that they too can maintain a log of such incidents.

If you do drive to school, please be careful and considerate to pedestrians and other road users! The zig zag road markings outside the school gates indicate that you should not park or stop to drop off children. This allows children a clear view of oncoming traffic when crossing.

Thank you!


Posted on | June 29, 2017

As the holidays approach, we usually put together a watering rota for the school garden. If you are free to take your children down to the garden on a particular day or week over the summer to water the plants, please let us know as this will be a great help. The same also applies if you’re able to come along and help out with playground improvements or gardening during the holidays.

Please email or phone either Helen Rolph (hjrolph@gmail.com / 07811 384083) or Susan Taylor (matboffice@yahoo.co.uk / 07882 942945) if you are able to help out with the garden and playground work over the summer and beyond.

Very best wishes

Helen and Susan

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…

Posted on | June 29, 2017

Another year in the educational development of our children at Hyndland Primary School has passed in almost the blink of an eye, much educational progress has been made, lots of fun has been had, but now it’s time for 7 weeks of well-earned R&R; well, for the staff and children at least!

The children have been engaging in lots of curricular and extra curricular activities, with lots of fun and positive learning during the Sports Day, the P7 Dounans residential trip, the whole school Skip-a-thon (raising £1,700+), summer trips, visitors from Malawi, and, of course, the ongoing success of Hyndland Primary children in various competitions (well done to the P7 football team becoming champions in the Charing Cross Rotary Competition; the selection of three boys to represent Glasgow Football Association; P6 pupils coming in third place in the Glasgow Schools’ Badminton Tournament; P4 pupils reaching the semi-finals of the Glasgow Schools’ Tennis Cup; the P7 Netball team reading the Active Schools Netball Final, etc.), involvement with the Music Club and Ensemble, etc.

The 4Rs school refurbishment was finally completed and the school is in the best physical shape it’s been in for years; let’s hope the wind and rain are kept out of the building for the foreseeable future!

The Glasgow schools’ janny industrial action has gone on for close to 18 months with still no resolution. We were hopeful that the new administration at GCC would address the issues and help ensure the industrial action was called off, as they had indicated they would, but unfortunately that has not happened and further strike action is scheduled for August. The Parent Council, and I am sure more parents at the school, continue to support Janny John and his colleagues in their legitimate and fair claims.

The Afty last week celebrated its 25 year anniversary last Saturday with a fun-filled, enjoyable day with food, music, drinks, face painting, games and a bouncy castle. Thanks for a great day, and congratulations on your silver anniversary landmark. Congratulations, too, for achieving the Scottish Out of School Care Network’s (SOSCN) quality assurance award – Achieving Quality Scotland Gold Award. This is truly a reflection of your dedication, commitment and professionalism, and the simple fact that you genuinely enjoy making the children’s time at the Afty a safe and fun place to be. May you have at least 25 more successful years.

This past year the Parent Council has not been able to be as active in fundraising as it has been in other years, due to people’s availability and other commitments, but we hope to have a more active year in fundraising and social activities, and aim to publicise a programme of activities for the year early next term. Our focus for funding – probably over the next few years – is going to be on active learning and improving the outdoor learning spaces, which will require significant resources. However, we will need more volunteers for such activities and also for the Parent Council meetings and other events, etc., so please come along and get involved. If you have any ideas about how we might best raise funds for such activity/resources, please get in touch with the Parent Council at john.lewis-hpc@hotmail.co.uk or enquiries@hyndlandprimaryparentcouncil.org.

Our P7s – who by all accounts gave a great P7 show and had a ball at the leavers’ disco – will depart the school for the last time on Tuesday 27 June, heading to pastures new. We wish them well and every success in the rest of their schooling and their endeavours in life outside and beyond it.

We should also extend the goodbyes to their parents and carers, many of whose direct association with the school will end. Many friendships have been started, developed and blossomed over this period, and we’re sure that they will continue – along with the development of others – as they, too, leave the school along with their children.

We would like to thank Ms McLaughlin and Mrs Wynn for their positive stewarding of the Acting posts of Depute Head Teacher and Principal Teacher, respectively, over this last year, and wish them well as they return to their substantive posts.

We would also like to welcome the new Depute Head, Mr Stephen Frame, who joins the school from Dumfries and Galloway (though a Glasgow boy), and look forward to working with him with the same level of professionalism, hard work and commitment as Ms Brown, Mr Byrne, Ms Chambers (and Ms McLaughlin and Mrs Wynn) have given to the school. Welcome Mr Frame, and we look forward to seeing you in the next school year and at Parent Council meetings, etc.

We also look forward to the arrival of the new P1s (and their parents and carers), who the current crop will make way for by pushing the existing P2s up into P3 and so on and so forth. Some of you will not be quite so new, however… We hope and are sure that your child or children will have a great experience at the school over the next seven years, meeting new people and making new friends, and we’ve no doubt that you will too!

On behalf of all the parents and members on the Parent Council, we hope that you have a great summer break, and we look forward to seeing you in August. Except of course for those parents whose youngest child is about to leave Hyndland Primary School – in which case, so long and best wishes!

Happy Holidays!

John Lewis
Chair, Hyndland Primary School Parent Council

P7 Leavers’ Disco

Posted on | June 29, 2017

The P7s had their leavers disco on Thursday 22 June. Over 45 kids danced the night away to DJ Billy and his high energy tunes. A great time was had by all. At the end of the evening they were all presented with their leavers gifts, which included a T-shirt, yearbook and scientific calculator.

Thank you to the Parent Council for their contributions to the event, which included covering the cost of the DJ and the calculators.

School Ceilidh

Posted on | June 29, 2017

On Friday 2 June the Parent Council held our usual Spring Ceilidh (for the second time at Hyndland Community Hall), which was as ever a lot of fun for parents and children alike, and is also a great fundraiser for the school.

The event was organised by Nadia Miller who did a fantastic job preparing for it and also on the night. Thanks also to Alan Bonnyman and Graham and Ashley MacFarlane, along with Nadia, for sourcing raffle prizes. Thanks very much folks!

Special thanks should also go to the following people for helping out on the night through – variously – obtaining additional raffle prizes, selling raffle and tombola tickets, taking admission fees, setting up the good, setting up and clearing up, etc.

Further special thanks are also due to the following people and/or businesses who generously donated raffle prizes: Amber and Black, Conor from Cafe Source Too, Hely Hair Studio, David and Cathy Kinnear at Hyndland Bookshop, Hyndland Fox, Ikea, James Allan Butcher, Pampas, Roscoe’s Deli, Sainsbury’s Novar Drive, Soulspace, Station Flowers, and The Yellow Shop; and also to Jamie Smith and his ceilidh band for their excellent performance (and for Jamie kindly waiving his own share of the band fee).

On the night we took £633.20, of which £250.20 was profit after the hall hire, band costs and food and soft drinks were taken into account. This is an excellent contribution to the work the Parent Council does to support the school.

Thank you to all of you who were involved in any way!

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