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Celebrating 25 years of Afty

Posted on | June 19, 2017

Parent Council Family Ceilidh, Fri 2 June

Posted on | May 31, 2017

Come along to the Ceilidh this Friday at Hyndland Community Hall!

It’s always loads of fun for the young and not so young too – details below

We’ve had some very generous donations for the raffle from local businesses including:

  • Soulspace – 2 pamper packages
  • Hyndland Fox – meal for 2 with glass of wine
  • Malcolm Allan – £10 meat package
  • Hely Hair – £10 gift voucher
  • IKEA – £25 gift voucher
  • Janny John – bottle
  • Caffe Parma – £30 gift voucher
  • Pampas – Scarf
  • Hyndland Bookshop – £10 gift voucher

With more to be confirmed this week!

There will also be a kids tombola on the night.

Remember it’s BYOB but soft drinks will be provided for kids and non-drinkers.

Tickets are £4 adult £2 child – available on the door or from Nadia Miller or Alan Bonnyman in the playground. Afty are selling tickets too.

Donations to the Parent Council for necessary school resources

Posted on | May 30, 2017

Over the past few years, several parents have approached the Parent Council and asked about the possibility of making regular or irregular donations to us (outside of events such as the Ceilidh, Quiz Night, etc.), to continue supporting the school with necessary or desirable resources in which to improve the learning experience of all of the children at the school.

Since the Parent Council purchased the Outdoor Classroom, the funds have been seriously depleted, and ongoing regular activities such as the Ceilidh and Quiz Night are unlikely on their own to raise enough money to fund the various resources that the Parent Council funds, such as the aforementioned Outdoor Classroom, indoor and outdoor sports equipment, buddy caps, high vis vests for school trips, school trips to use the facilities at the Emirates Arena and Scotstoun Leisure Centre and Stadium (thanks to MOTR), blue folders, books, gifts for P7 leavers, Smart Boards, computers, etc. As Glasgow City Council resources are being pegged back through cuts in public sector funding resulting from ongoing austerity measures, it’s imperative that we continue to raise as much money as we can on a continuous basis in order to ensure that our children’s educational experience remains excellent.

We now have a PayPal account which feeds into the Parent Council bank account, where you as parents, carers and your wider families can make such donations if you/they wish. The PayPal account is HPSParentCouncil@outlook.com. Click on the button link to the right to go directly to a donations page for Hyndland Primary School Parent Council.

Thank you!

P7 Disco – Your help is needed

Posted on | May 30, 2017

LEAVERS DISCO, Thurs 22 June, 7-8.30pm

Over the last four years parents have run the P7 Leavers Disco. It used to be run by the school, however in 2013 the P7s decided they wanted something a little more special. There is a disco with games, bought in pizza, drinks and snacks and the gym hall is decorated specially for the evening. Last year the P7 parents also introduced leavers’ t-shirts which were very popular with the kids. The P7s also get a leavers’ present. This year it will be a scientific calculator, which all pupils use at secondary.

The Parent Council put money towards the leavers’ presents and the party, but we need to ask P7 parents to make a donation towards the overall costs. The cost will be approx. £7 but will be confirmed once we find a DJ and cost the t-shirts.

HELP NEEDED – For the Leavers Disco to be a success we need your help!

Are there any P7 parents who are DJs or do you know a good DJ that is free on the 22nd? If so, get in touch.

We will need between 4-6 parent volunteers to help on the afternoon of the 22nd to set up the gym and also 4-6 volunteers to help out during the disco.

Before the disco it would be good to also have a group of parents to help organise it, including ordering the pizzas, buying snacks and decorations and sorting out the goody bags.

If you have any other ideas that could make the Disco memorable, we’d be happy to hear about them too. One year they had a photo booth!

If you can help at all, please contact Lorne Bourhill (P7 Parent Council Rep), saying what you would like to be involved in.


The school will also produce a very simple yearbook with photos of the pupils from P1 and P7. Please could you send in a photo of your child when they started school, even if your child was at a different school in P1. The photos will be scanned and returned to you.

Please let the school know if you don’t want your child’s photo to be included in the yearbook.

The ‘Great Hyndland Bake Off’

Posted on | May 30, 2017

On Friday 12 May, Hyndland Primary School held its very own edition of the critically acclaimed (or at least widely watched) “Bake Off”, in the interim period during its transition from the BBC to C4. Unfortunately, neither Mary Berry nor Paul Hollywood were in attendance, nor the intrepid Mel and Sue, but we did have out very own Louise Love and Mums on the Run, who by all accounts arranged a veritable bakers’ banquet, with numerous entries coming in from across the pupil and parent body.

The afternoon provided an opportunity for the confectionery entries to be feasted upon by pupils, parents and staff and the cake and bakery sales and donations made a hefty £280.45, which would surely give Greggs (or for older ‘Blackadder’ fans like myself, Mrs Miggins’ Pie Shop) a run for their money!

Thank you and well done to all of the bakers for your entries and to Louise, MOTR and all of the parent and pupil helpers for arranging and facilitating a successful and enjoyable day.

If anyone has more fundraising ideas to help the Parent Council raise funds to make improvements to the learning experience for the children at the school (and for outdoor learning in particular), please contact Nadia Miller or Daria Jarrett via the Parent Council email: enquiries@hyndlandprimaryparentcouncil.org

The Head Teacher, Ms Helen Brown, says: “Thanks again for all the hard work and creativity poured into [this] event – it was nice to see so many people coming along to support a good cause but also enjoying being together – a classic case of having their cake and eating it!”

Easter Gardening and Playground Improvements

Posted on | May 29, 2017

A very special thanks to the few volunteers who gave their time to help improve the playgrounds and garden area during the Spring Break.

In terms of the work that as undertaken, Susan Taylor and Helen Rolph, along with a small number of volunteer helpers, managed to undertake the following:

  • paint both dens
  • cleaned up the toadstool area which was also painted
  • the playground mural was refreshed with a new background colour
  • wooden fences were painted
  • a new garden path was installed (still to be finished)
  • a new planter wall was built along the length of the wall at The Afty
  • filled the new planter with 8 wheelbarrows of soil collected from the front of the school once all the weeds were sieved out
  • a sandpit was placed in the P1 playground; this was found in the garden last year all rusted and ready for the skip, but was refurbished and had a lid made for it, so will hopefully squeeze another couple of years out of it; therefore, a great example of recycling

One of the most popular “amendments” in the playground was the addition of a steering wheel on the “Pennies for Playgrounds” boat. Unfortunately, this was broken within the first week due to a child fleeing a wasp, and hopefully a replacement (steering wheel not child!) will be obtained asap.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of jobs that the volunteers didn’t manage to start or complete due to running out of time and also too few volunteers. However, the volunteers who came along could not have been more inspired and motivated and returned more than once throughout the holidays to climb the mountain of jobs/tasks.

It is hoped that the next request for the Summer Break Clean Up will bring in more volunteers, as there is a lot of work that needs to be undertaken to improve and maintain the garden and the school playgrounds, to ensure that they are maximised as attractive, enjoyable, educational and fun learning and play areas for all of our kids at the school.

Work that wasn’t able to be done on this occasion, but is planned for the Summer Break, includes creating another boat and painting the seaside mural; but really, there is a lot of work still to do, and then there’s the ongoing maintenance beyond that.

We cannot stress enough the importance for volunteers to come on board to help with these ongoing improvements. Therefore, we’d like to start collecting contact numbers of parents and carers (and children) potentially willing to give some of their time and energy for future Clean Up events, initially over the summer. Even if you can only spare a day or a few hours, it all helps spread the workload.

Please text Susan Taylor on 07882 942 945 and ask to be added to the HPS Clean Ups mailing list.

The Head Teacher, Ms Helen Brown, says: “Everyone is amazed and appreciates the wonderful work that has been done all over the school campus by Susan and Helen and the parent/pupil helpers. [The children] are very excited about getting involved, they are also bouncing with enthusiasm about their nature topic and would love to take on some duties and activities in the school garden this term.”

Your Parent Council Needs You!

Posted on | May 29, 2017

Hyndland Primary School Parent Council is only as good as the support and involvement of those who contribute to it and the work of the wider Parent Forum. We are always looking for as wide a level of engagement with the Parent Council as possible, so please do approach Parent Council representatives with your comments, views and ideas and come along to the monthly meetings or email us at: enquiries@hyndlandprimaryparentcouncil.org

The next and final meeting of the Parent Council of this school year is on Wednesday 31 May 2017 at 7pm in the staff room.

Please come along and support us!

Great Hyndland Bake Off, Friday 12 May

Posted on | May 5, 2017

Good News – Update on School Janny Clusters and the Ongoing Industrial Action

Posted on | March 30, 2017

Some good news has emerged from the janitorial dispute over the past few days.

GCC/Cordia have decided to shelve their plans to introduce janitorial clusters, whereby we would lose Janny John from being a dedicated janny at Hyndland Primary School.

The letter from the Director of Cordia not only suggests that not introducing the clusters is to the detriment of schools, but that they will need to look at other means at achieving the half a million pounds cost savings that they are looking for. So, watch this space, as who knows what they may come up with.

While the letter refers to the decision to withdraw the offer being down to lack of agreement with the three janitorial unions, I think without any doubt that the major public relations disaster that GCC/Cordia created for themselves by embarking on this daft idea was also instrumental in their decision. So, the parents’ letters, emails and protests, along with the recent media publicity without question caused GCC/Cordia major difficulties. Of course, they wouldn’t admit this.

The letter from Andy Clark at Cordia also makes absolutely no commitment to future consultation with Parent Councils and parents, merely that we will be informed about any further developments in GCC/Cordia’s plans to reduce costs.

However, while there’s good news on this front (however long it may last), the year-long dispute over the jannies’ Working Context and Demand payment is yet to be resolved. As such, it would still be very important in helping the jannies in their cause if as parents we all individually wrote to GCC/Cordia demonstrating our ongoing support for the jannies in their legitimate claim. It is not an expensive demand on GCC/Cordia and while they were apparently happy to pay £1,000 plus pay increases to the jannies if they accepted cluster working, they do not appear to have any interest in paying them a small (around £10 per week) additional sum that other GCC staff get.

So, please do contact elected representatives and officials, some of whom are supportive of the jannies, but for whom knowledge of widespread public support is important, especially as we head towards the local authority elections on 4 May.

On a related now, because GCC/Cordia have pulled the janny cluster proposals, we have decided not to go ahead with the planned protest at the school this Friday. However, if GCC/Cordia come back with more unwelcome proposals then it’s time to dust off the vuvuzelas!

Thank you.

Playground/Garden Volunteers Needed

Posted on | March 27, 2017


School break is upon us – 3 potential weekends to carry out much needed tasks in order to improve playground areas.

However, on weekdays except for 13 & 14 April, work improving the playground and garden will still be ongoing (weather permitting); therefore, help during the week would gladly be welcomed too.

There is a list of tasks to be carried out – which range from general cleaning to painting…

If there is anyone out there happy to spare a few hours during the hols, please text 07882 942945 with the date(s) you’re available and the approximate time you can come along.

Please note the following:

If you bring along your children then it’s likely they’ll be painting too, so please ensure suitable clothing is worn.

We would like to see a big difference this year in all the playground areas and have some cracking projects for the kids to get involved in.

If your kids come along to help during the hols then they will become the ‘trailblazers’ and inspire their friends and classmates once school resumes with these projects.

Please also bring along spare paint, paint brushes, etc.

The Afty building will also be available for shelter/toilet/hot drinks while the holiday club children are away on outings – currently planned for the 5th, 7th, 11th and 13th. Any time between 10ish and 5ish.

Please come along and help out at some point during the holidays, even if it’s just for a couple of hours on a single day. The kids will probably love it too!

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